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A layoff of any employee is usually because business conditions have changed. Layoffs are often necessary for a business to become profitable again.

Today the layoff of an employee won’t damage the worker’s resume, but is now just an unpleasant fact. Clearly, a worker isn’t at fault when you lay him off. His performance and has been acceptable. But, business conditions have forced the layoff of the employee.

While it is no longer a disgrace, a lay off is still hard on everyone. This includes you as the terminating supervisor, the terminated staff member, his family and the surviving coworkers.

Before we look at the lay off process in detail, let’s talk about how it’ll influence you emotionally. The situation will cause many stresses in your life. This is particularly true if this is your first reduction in force as a firing supervisor. You’ll be on a rollercoaster.

Let’s identify some of the causes of your tension. First, you’ll lay off good people who rely on you and your business to sustain their families. You already recognize that your actions will turn their lives upside down, and none of it is their responsibility.

Second, you may fault yourself personally for the business turn down. You and your management chain may have caused your company’s decline through management errors or poor decisions or a failure to recognize the changing marketplace.

Third, you appreciate these layoffs will economically damage your community. If your community has acknowledged you in the past as a prominent, local company leader, you may feel added remorse.

Fourth, you’ll have concerns about your personal security. A fired worker committing an act of violence is a chance you must take.

Since we’ve acknowledged these concerns, we can now discuss the reality of your situation. While these doubts are real, you shouldn’t be too concerned.

Here’s why:

  • Your former workers will normally get better jobs than they had before.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You did more right than wrong or your business would’ve gone bankrupt already.
  • You will save jobs! If you don’t lay off some workers today, you’ll bankrupt your business and there won’t be any jobs for anyone. Besides, your liquidation may lead to your suppliers laying off their people.
  • A lay off is part of a levelheaded strategy to reduce expenses and recover your competitiveness. In a short time, your company will get respect again from the local community. Your reputation as a business leader will probably grow even larger.
  • Violence by fired workers doesn’t happen often. Understand that working for a declining company is stressful. Therefore, most workers are (paradoxically) happy when they find out about their termination.

To find out how to lay off correctly, you should get a copy of the Employee Termination Guidebook. You can discover more at layoff employee process.

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